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Fine art by Coleen Williams

A beautiful range of original art and fine art prints in a realistic style – ranging from wildlife to portraits. 

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...is my passion

Since starting with watercolours in 2019 –  I have absolutely fallen in love with the medium.

Here are a few of my completed watercolour artworks. 

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the pleasure of


The beauty of pastel with it’s fine detail and bold colours make it a pleasure to work with. 

I love the way one can achieve fine details such as fur and whiskers due to the layering capabilities of the medium. 

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...is my first love

Since childhood I have always loved the simplicity of creating in monochrome. It allows you to see purely the shape – without the distraction of colour. 

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your own


Do you have something special you would like done for yourself or as a gift for a family member or friend?

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