ColArt - Art by Coleen Williams - An African Family - Original watercolour and graphite artwork of a family of white rhinos.

'An African Family' (Original artwork - Rhino)

Original watercolour and graphite artwork of a white rhino family in a natural bush setting near a waterhole.

This is a commissioned artwork of a rhino family.

Rhinos are such beautiful creatures!

The absolute best way to see rhinos is in their natural environment. Being a South African I am fortunate enough to have that privilege… I hold it very dear to my heart.
Seeing these guys up close and in the wild allows you to really appreciate their sheer size and ‘tankiness’. Such solid strong animals – natures equivalent of armoured tanks. But they don’t move like tanks at all (unless they are in full charge.. then get out of their way quick!)… spending time around them you realise how very quiet they actually are. They have the ability to silently appear out of nowhere and just as quickly to merge back into the bush.

They have a full set of interesting elements to draw… the smooth shaped horns… the wrinkles and folds of their skin… and I think they have some of the cutest ears!!
I also thoroughly enjoyed rendering the textures in the trees and using a mix of watercolour and graphite pencil worked like a charm. I could get some more random textures and effects using the watercolour and then fill in the details with graphite pencil.
While drawing the trees it took me back to my childhood with memories of sitting under a tree in one of the Kruger camps with my paper and pencil. I had found an interesting old piece of wood and made it my holiday mission to do a drawing of it.

This artwork was destined for Turkey and I hope it gives much joy to it’s new owner as the spirit of Africa hangs on his wall.

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