ColArt - Art by Coleen Williams - Ivory - Horse

'Lydia and Ivory' (Original painting - Horse & Rider)

Original watercolour painting of a horse and rider.

This is an original watercolour painting of a ‘Ivory’ the horse and her rider ‘Lydia’.  with a calming blue background which is echoed in the rider’s jacket and helmut.

When I originally saw the photo it really caught my eye – I loved the focused and calm look of the horse and of course, show riders always look so stunning in their show outfits. This painting was done with quite a limited pallet probably consisting of about 6 colours. Ultramarine Blue and Indigo are certainly the star colours of this painting.

The loose wet in wet wash in the background creates movement with the detail of the foreground placing the focus on the horse and rider.

The painting is done on hot-press watercolour paper using only transparent watercolour mediums.

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